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Ace Firewood is a leading and recognised seller of Firewood and Heating related products.

Recognised by National Parks as an “environmentally friendly” supplier of firewood.

 Firewood (All year round)



Firewood Supplies North Shore & Northern Beaches Queensland Ironbark A premium firewood that burns the longest and hottest. Leaves very little ash. $195.00/m³ or $340.00/tonne
Mixed Hardwood A mixture of NSW hardwood timbers that are easier to light and burn consistently. $185.00/m³ or $300.00/tonne
Pizza Cut / SMALL Firewood Small pieces of ironbark firewood that have been double split. Excellent for pizza ovens/slow combustion fire places. $250.00/m³
Kindling (Pine) Fast burning kindling.  $15.00/bag
Kindling (Hardwood) Slower burning kindling.  $15.00/bag
Fire Starters
Stacking Service Available We stack firewood on request.  Extra charges apply.

Firewood can be sold per cubic metre or per tonne with a weight docket on request.

Please contact our friendly staff for delivery 7 days or advise on your firewood requirements.

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